How to use the icons downloads cart

First of all it's important to note that the downloads cart is TOTALLY FREE for use and lets you DOWNLOAD ICONS GENERATED ON PROJECT FOR FREE. You are fully responsible for using copyrighted materials. Please, read license attached to iconsets.

In order to use the icons downloads cart simply generate an icon and add it to the downloads cart as provided in a generator form. Then close the generator form and click on the cart icon in the top left corner of the project. You will be provided with options for each particular icon to the right of it in the icons list and with cart options on the bottom of the cart:

adding and managing items in downloads cart

Managing an icon

Each icon in the icons downloads cart has it's own options. Place your mouse cursor over a particular button to see what it does:

Edit icon
Having clicked this icon you will get the generator form displayed for you with the options given in the cart. In order to modify the icon options in the cart click the "Save changes" button in the bottom right corner of the form. If you want to add a separate item of the icon with different settings, click on the "Add to downloads cart" button.

Download icon
This button lets you download a particular icon directly from the downloads cart

Download collection
This button allows you to download the full collection that a particular icon is located in with the generator options given in the cart.

Delete icon
Click this button in order to remove the icon item from your cart.

Download options

cart download options
The download options let you select the format of the icons that you are downloading.

Separate files
Having set this option before clicking the "download" button, you will have your icons downloaded in a Tar archive format where you will have separate files for each icon in your downloads cart

Horizontal sprites and vertical sprites
This option allows you to download icons in one single image placed either horizontally or vertically. This option will ignore the image types you set in your generator and set it to the one you choose in the selectbox located to the left of the options list.