How to submit icons to the project

Important notice: You are fully responsible for uploading copyrighted materials to the project. project reserves the right to publish icons with a complete trust to the publisher and remove any iconsets and other content from the project upon copyright holder requests and for any other reason without any notice.
All icons that are submitted to the project must be free for at least personal use by other users of the project.

Due to security reasons, you will need to Login or Sign up for the project in order to submit icons for public use. Having logged in, click on the "submit icons" menu item located in the top menu. On the given page you will be provided a form for submission that is split in 3 parts. In the right column you will see the iconsets that you submitted or that you will submit. Make sure you finish all 3 steps in order to submit the icons for review.

Step 1: Enter iconset information

Simply follow the form steps to complete the first form. All fields marked with a red star (*) are obligatory. Fields in russian are optional. Having completed the form, click the "Proceed" button

Step 2: Uploading icons

On the second step, click on the "Select icons" button to choose icons that you want to upload. Icons MUST be archived into ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ or 7Z format with maximum size of 20 MegaBytes. Note that only PNG and GIF images with transparency or images that do not need transparency are accepted. Having selected the icons you would like to upload, click on the "Upload all" button and wait for the icons to be uploaded. This can be seen by progress bar in the "progress" column. Having uploaded all icons, click the "Publish iconset" button to send it for review to our team.